Friday, March 22, 2013

Virtual Beans #8

Probably the easiest category was this one, food with place names:
  • A hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage. (They liked the sound of it even if they couldn't identify it.)
  • A cake filled with custard and frosted with chocolate. (They got it.)
  • A thinly sliced beef sandwich with cheese and onions. (They got it.)
  • Deep fried potatoes. (As I said, easy.)
  • A pastry with cheese or prune preserves. (Now that we're eliminating panivorous types right and left, the team will eat anything. They got it.)
  • A sandwich with ham and cheese and pickles. (Finally, another one they hadn't had for lunch that day.)
  • Eggy bread. (A piece of cake, so to speak.)
Then they had to translate the following from British to English:
  • zed (yes)
  • kip (surprisingly, yes)
  • starkers (nope)
  • gormless (nope)
  • fagging (nope — thought it had something to do with cigarettes)
  • mufti (nope)
  • barmy (nope)
  • c of e (nope, and honestly, that's not even a Britishism, but I threw it in as a gimme. I didn't have to gim it.)
  • quid (nope)
  • shirty (yes, again surprisingly, considering their bad record on this category)
  • bespoke (nope, but then again, given that the latest Sailor fashion statement at a tournament was fuzzy slippers, what do you expect?)
  • knackered (nope)
  • gobsmacked (nope, although when I demonstrated it the answer was clear)
  • codswallop (needless to say, given the nature of Sailordom, they did indeed understand the concept of codswallop)
  • a dicky ticker (yes, but only because I was demonstrating furiously as I awaited the answer)

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