Monday, March 11, 2013

For which we require musical accompaniment

Please play this for a minute before reading:

My sentiments exactly.

Who, exactly, have I had it with? This time? Well, I think I’ve mentioned these people in the past, but they bear repeating, because they are repeat offenders. It is those judges who, for whatever reason, do not understand that the job of judging lasts for the term of obligation, not the term of their own desires going over to do something else. If you have something else to do, get another judge. “Oh, but we’ll be happy to pay a fine.” Yeah, sure, but money can’t judge a round. (Which I gather is a quote from Soddie via Bro J.)

And then they just disappear.

As a result of these actions this weekend, yet again, from repeat offenders, I am banning these teams from Bump. One of them is being banned yet again, the other will be new to my wrath. Additionally, I will be disallowing anyone from “Will Miss Round One,” etc., from my tournament. Not a full commitment? In that case, don’t come. And if rounds are missed after the fact? $100 per round, + $500 punitive damages for the tournament. Yep, you’re right, you’re not going to pay this, which means I’ll never see you again at my tournament, and when I see you at other tournaments, you’ll hate my guts. Ain’t life sweet. And, also, I’ve decided to take some other private actions that I won’t be writing about here, but I assure you, the ramifications will be felt.

Here’s the deal. I can’t do my job unless everyone else at the tournament does theirs. Most people do, which is why things mostly work well. Some people don’t, which is why tab room staffs have short tempers. We usually manage to pull things off, but only by bribing people to judge in divisions other than their own, or having them do it from the goodness of their hearts. When tournaments run late it is almost inevitably because of tab trying to find judges to replace the miscreants. It’s bad enough people run out on us; as often as not, we don’t know about it until after they’ve run.

And it is always the same schools. Time and time again. Which makes action on my part easy. No, you can’t come to any tournament where I control the registration. Period, the end, finished. Unfair? No. You’ll never do it again? Prove it at the tournaments where I don’t control the registration. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll change my mind, or maybe I’ll retire to Bali and not think about it anymore.

Wonder if you’re on this list? Shoot my an email. If you have to ask, the answer is probably yes.

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