Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I admit it

I've been burying myself in Kingdom Hearts.
Soon, vacation, to Scandinavia. Fortunately I already speak fluent Scandinavian.
For those who care, the Sept-Oct topic will hit the charts around 8/15. If anyone is interested in Wake, you'll have to arrange it yourself, and you might want to start thinking about it early. Other than that, there's Yale, and I'll start official browbeating in early August. Parents will be required in great numbers.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Nobody reads anymore

The statistics published in the Times yesterday were seriously depressing. According to the numbers, more than half of you never read anything. Ever. Except, of course, the wonderful books on our required reading list. Since summer is just beginning, you needn't worry about that yet. Read something else. Today's pick is Chabon's SUMMERLAND. It's not the world's greatest, not as good as Cavalier and Klay, but it's got its moments. And after all, he did work on the S-M2 story.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

You've got to start somewhere

Posting to the team website is a bit of a hassle, because I can only do it from home, and only from Liz's office, and only from the one computer. It's one thing to go through all that rigamarole during the season, but not now (and not so much even then, to tell you the truth). So let's try this for a while and see what happens.