Friday, March 22, 2013

Virtual Beans 7

So you'd think that Sailors might know something about NYC, being that if you stacked them one on top of the other the highest one would be able to see it on a clear day? Well, you'd be wrong.
  • What is Tudor City? (They thought it might be a restaurant.)
  • What kind of restaurants do you find on Mott Street? (All they could say was, "Can you spell Mott?" And tell me what street / compares to Mott Street / in July...)
  • What kind of restaurants do you find on Mulberry Street? (Their answer was mulberry restaurants.)
  • Who was Laguardia? (I am still recovering from the shock of hearing the correct answer to this one.)
And then there was Latin. They got all of these wrong except for one.
  • Ecce homo
  • Habeas corpus
  • E pluribus unum
  • Non compos mentis
  • In hoc signo vinces
  • In media res
  • Cave canem
  • Alea iacta est
  • Ars longa vita brevis
Which one? Okay, apparently they watch a lot of lawyer shows on TV.

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