Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Virtual Beans 1

I've got these questions, and last night the Sailors had at them. I'll tell you how they did with them, but the real issue is, how well can you do with them?

Your first category: World War II.
  • Who did Germany invade, thus starting WWII? (They all knew this one.)
  • What is the ETO? (They had to lifeline this one. O'C knew it, and then his phone died. Discretion, I guess, was the better part of his valor.)
  • Who was Quisling? (The fact that they thought he was French did not leave them in good stead on this one.)
  • What are fat man and little boy? (They got this in a snap.)
  • Who led Free France? (They had no idea what Free France was, much less its leader, possibly because they were so confused by Quisling. At least this time they were correct in offering that it had something to do with the French; I'm not sure what gave it away.)
  • General Anthony McAuliffe officially responded with one written word when the Germans asked for unconditional surrender at the Battle of the Bulge. What was that word? (Once you know this, you never forget it, but they didn't know it.)
  • Who was the Desert Fox? (Maybe they're all golfers, because they knew this instantly.) (And if you don't get the golf reference, then you've never holed out of a sand trap.)
  • The Allies first invaded Europe in 1943 in Operation Husky. Where was it? (Reason was used to deduce the correct answer, something that hardly ever happens at these events.)
  • What WWII leader's dead body was hung upside down on a meathook? (I was in awe of the freshman girl who answered this correctly. She was obviously a ringer.)

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