Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Virtual Beans 3

The "Audrey or Kate" category (it can be the same in both) only got hit once. Which Hepburn was in War and Peace? Which Hepburn was in Robin and Marian?

Ditto the Woody or Hitch category: Which one directed Notorious? Love and Death?

My favorite category required you to say if a character was from Nostrum, Star Wars, Oz or Dickens. It only came up once. Again, it doesn't have to be one of each. Go!
Rogue Riderhood
Salacious B. Crumb
Sally Brass
San Hill

And then, there was the category of doctors, real and fictional:
  • Who is Theodor Geisel? (Easy peasy.)
  • Dr. Cliff Huxtable was played by? (They got it, which surprised me.)
  • In what movies do you find Dr Evil? (Nope. Are those movies dead already?)
  • What was Dr. Kevorkian famous for? (Answered correctly. Apparently one never wants to wake up in a hospital and see Dr. Kevorkian's name on the chart.)
  • Name a TV show about doctors in the Korean war? (Piece of cake for them.)
  • Who was the doctor who helped Clarice Starling? (The Sailors are nothing if not perverted. They got it.)
  • Julius M. Hibbert is personal physician to whom? (Not a clue. To be honest, I thought it was a gimme for them, but then again, I had had to look it up.)
  • George Clooney was a doctor on what show? (Got it.)
  • Doctor McCoy was the physician where? (Didn't have a clue.)
  • Neil Patrick Harris played what doctor? (This was one of those questions everyone knew except the person who was supposed to know it. There was much discussion of NPH's hair on that show.)

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