Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Virtual Beans 4

Happiness is just a thing called Joe. That was the category. You had to name the Joe.

  • A husband of Marilyn Monroe. (They knew this, which surprised me.)
  • A Polish author writing in English. (Meh knew that it was the author of Secret Agent, but couldn't conjure the name. A lifeline text to O'C yielded no response [oh, the horror], but then it finally occurred to her. Who thinks of Secret Agent first? Weird.)
  • The founder of a religion. (They missed it.)
  • The father of a political clan. (I might as well have been talking about the 11th Emperor of Oogabooga.)
  • Who is Joseph Ratzinger? (Nope. But to be fair, I pronounced it Joe. Rat. Zinger. Still.... How soon they forget.)
  • A Russian leader. (No sweat.)
  • A tailgunning anti-communist. (Once again my miracle freshman pulled it out of the air at the last moment. She came in 3rd overall.)

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