Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Virtual Beans 2

There was a category where Sailors simply had to rattle off the names of something in a given category. This was too broad in most cases, and just led to bean overflow. A limit to this category, say Star Trek series, would help. That was indeed one of the categories, for the freshmen, who only managed to come up with "New Generation." They were so pathetic and it was close enough so I accepted it. Of course, you can name all five of the series. Correctly. (Excluding animation.)

And then, next up, some questions in the category called "Art and Artists." When I mentioned this category for the first time, someone asked, "What exactly does that mean?" I admit to being unable to explain it any more clearly. Obviously a failure on my part to communicate effectively.

Let's see how you do:
  • What exactly did Michelangelo paint on ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? (This was probably too easy, since they got it right away. Then again, maybe Meh is a cardinal and she just happened to spend a lot of time last week looking up.)
  • Describe the work of M.C.Escher. (There was an Escher print in the classroom, but this one was still a gimme.)
  • What artist was famous for his Brillo pads? (The idea that an artist could be famous for Brillo left them, literally, agape.)
  • The artist is famous for painting water lilies? (This was identified correctly. Appropriately enough, by Lily.)
  • Who signed a toilet with the name R Mutt and called it Found Art? (All this got was a sniff of disdain. Obviously no Caveman fans around anymore.)
  • In what century did the post-Raphaelites paint? (The answer they gave was close, just 200 years off.)
  • Who is the musical "Sunday in the Park with George" about? (It disappointed me that our theater people were unable to identify him.)

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