Thursday, January 03, 2013

Debate: What do Polish people polish?

I’ve officially announced the first committed sessions of Academy at Byram. Still waiting for confirmation of policy and the leader(s) of the Friday PF. Getting very close.

I have to admit that I’m especially bereft at the thought of DisAd13 becoming DisAd14. 589 days to go, according to my countdown applet. That’s longer than the Iranian hostage crisis back in the 80s! In other words, this is becoming the DisAd Hostage Crisis. No wonder O’C seems to have wandered off permanently, after having announced on Facebook that he wants more people to follow him on Foursquare so that they can join the teeming masses in learning every time he stops for a meatball parmesan at Subway or gets his toenails polished or, shock of shocks, has dinner at Japonica. He was looking forward to WDW just as much as I was. My cousin Denise was stoic in her evaluation that we could use this time to polish our mini-golf skills. Maybe that’s where O’C wandered off to. His mini-golf certainly needed the most polishing. That and his toenails.

Speaking of TMI via social media, I’ve decided to catalog my reading on Twitter, for no particular reason other than to see how it adds up. Of course, I don’t necessarily finish every book I start at the DJ: I get paid to select books, not to read them, so once I’ve decided that I don’t want to use one, I put it aside. And for that matter, I don’t finish every book I start at home, although there I’m more likely to because I’m picking them myself, and they’re not just arriving randomly on my desk. Anyhow, I’m sort of curious to see what sort of things I stuff into my brain over the course of time. I’ll also add my toenail updates, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for those if I were you. I’ve gone all these years without polishing them so far, but I was thinking of having them painted with the faces of Great Debaters of the 90s. If I do, I’ll show them to you next time I see you.

Speaking of the DJ, why do people, sitting alone in their offices, feel the need to use a speakerphone so that everyone within a hundred yard radius gets to share in the call?

This coming weekend will be the last free one for a while. Ari suggested I take that next free one, coming in March, and join him at the Beltway. Needless to say, this was an idea that I jumped on. Jumped on, stomped on, held it underwater for five minutes until it stopped breathing, and then put it into the shredder, lit fire to it and sold it back to the Irish. Yeah, I really want to drive a thousand miles down 95 on my one weekend off in the season to, wonder of wonders, tab a tournament. How novel. Oh, well. Ari is still one of our younger Jedi. He will learn.

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