Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Debate: Academy unfolds

I’m looking at Byram and Academy thus:

The first session, in both LD and PF, will be called “How We Do It.” It will cover everything from hearing about a new topic, research, writing cases, preffing judges (in LD), rewriting cases, working with a partner in PF, how teams as a whole handle research storage—all sorts of stuff. I’m still waiting on who the PFer will be; Danny DeB, JoshA from BH and Bronx alum Abhi will run the LD side.

The second session in LD will be “What I'm Running for Jan-Feb, and What I Wouldn't Run if You Paid Me” with DDeB, JoshA and AdamH from Lexington, with Ari moderating. The second session in PF will be brainstorming February/China with me and Aracelis, much as Kaz and I did the brainstorming at the MHL workshop on civil disobedience.

I’m working on the details of the policy side with Kaz. Presumably Peter C will lead those sessions. Ari is going to have to get us some big rooms, at least for Friday, when everybody will be there in the LD and PF sessions. I find this all pretty exciting. Let’s just hope that it isn’t the blizzard of the century (again) and that it isn’t all canceled. It is the middle of January, after all, and possibly the worst weekend of the year in terms in inclement weather. Would the debate gods be so cruel to us?

Meanwhile, I was back at the DJ today after the long break, and it felt of course as if I had never left. I was getting used to sleeping late in the mornings, though. One recollects one’s dreams so much better when the alarm isn't going off and they’re playing music guaranteed to make you run screaming from the room, which is the whole point of an alarm in the first place. The s-in-l has decamped, just as we were starting to get used to him. His travel arrangements inspired us to complete our own plans for the Spring trip. Holy Hopping Hegemonies! The price of an intercontinental ticket is half ticket price and half extra fees, thus doubling the posted cost. Where did that come from? Paris and London better be damned entertaining this time out. Oh, well. It’s done now, although we’ve had the Paris digs reserved for some time, since it’s one of those places that rent by the week and you need to grab it about a year in advance. Now I’ve got to start practicing my French. Sacre bleu, Monsieur le Dentiste! (That doesn’t sound right. What I’m trying to say is Please pass the pork chops. Oh well. There’s still time.)

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