Friday, June 16, 2017

In which we list "The Best Parts About Not Attending NSDA Finals"

Following people on Facebook complaining about their airlines as they swear never again to travel on Delta / American / United / Flying-Dutchman/ Southwest / Northeast / Eastwest / etc.

Following people on Facebook complaining about their hotels as they swear never again to stay at a Marriott / Hilton / Motel 6 / Enchanted Hunters / Hunted Enchanters / Trump Swamp International / Ramada / Dazed and Confused Inn /etc.

No need to judge PF and pretend that the Trump government even knows that there is an East Africa.

Not having to figure out which of the 14 US “Magic Cities” listed in Wikipedia is the one with Nats. (Bogalusa, Louisiana would have gotten my vote.)

Ignoring the big question: What the hell is Big Questions?

Pondering the mind-numbing idea of 16 rounds. 16 rounds? And you thought that hell is other people?

Your debate year is already over. You can put your feet up, close your eyes and dream about Tahiti and the Galapagos Islands and Waikiki, until you remember that you're the lab leader for rising sixth graders for the Middle School division of your debate Summer camp gig, and you have to be there by Friday, and you think it's in Bogalusa, Louisiana, but you're not quite sure, but, Hey, you'll find out when you get there. Maybe.

And if you're the former Worst District Chair Ever, you get to breathe easy, knowing that you got out in one piece and never have to worry about going back, not that you ever went in the first place, but, well, you were the Worst District Chair Ever, after all. 


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