Thursday, August 24, 2017

In which we're going, yet again, to you know where

Yeah, we’re planning another trip to WDW. It will be Rowan’s first.

Originally we had planned to go back in about 3 years, to see the new Star Wars stuff and also to do the Food and Wine festival at Epcot. Made sense. But the way my daughter announced her pregnancy to us was in terms of telling us we had to reschedule our next Disney trip. The sense of it now is a trip to Food and Wine before she goes back to work in October, and before Rowan starts crawling, meaning she’ll still be manageably in arms, carrier or stroller. Rowan, I mean, not Kate. There is, of course, no sense of it that Rowan will in any way, shape or form get anything out of it, other than being surrounded by a well-fed happy family. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed that my description of Expedition Everest elicited no interest from her whatsoever. In any case, I’ve already written into the calendar at trip in 2021, where she’ll be the age Kate was when we first took her. It was great. It’ll be great again. (Can I use that word, or has Trump coopted it? Feh.)

We don’t expect to do WDW in our usual commando style. We’ll see what we see and do what we do, although of course I’m very interested in seeing and doing Pandora. But we’ll only arrive at rope drop a couple of days, and it’s likely that we’ll have Rowan tucked in long before any fireworks start (although yours truly may hang back to see the MK and DHS shows, which I haven’t seen yet; it’s okay by me if there’s a lot of noise and I don’t get to bed before 10 o’clock). Also we’re not taking break days or making a side trip to Universal, which we would normally do. We’ll catch up on all that in 2021.

Thinking back to those couple of days I roamed the parks alone before joining up with Kaz at the NDCA a couple of years ago, I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind doing that again. Maybe they’ll go back to Central Florida, and Lex will need another PF judge, and I’ll just tag along… Otherwise, WDW isn’t in the old vacation plans, except as noted above. It turns out that the next generation is moving to England for a while (my son-in-law is from London) starting some time next year, and therefore at least one vacation a year will be back in the UK, probably around Christmas time. That helps focus the mind a bit. I do get a boatload of time off from the DJ, which is how I manage to do all the tournaments I do. That’s the result of being there since the Polk administration.

Having your kid grow up and have her own baby realigns the whole family thing. The center moves. Those not at the center follow along. Change happens. While I’d prefer if Rowan were just down the block in the coming years, the idea of her growing up with her English family is very satisfying. I’ll want to miss as little of it as possible.

How does this Facetime thing work?


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