Wednesday, September 06, 2017

In which we look to the weekend

I’m starting to feel a little on top of things more than I have been. As I’ve reported, things at the DJ have gotten fairly fierce, but I’ve adjusted. It helps being able to see that you’ve survived a bit of work you weren’t expecting. That demonstrates that you’ll continue to survive it, and a little of the pressure comes off.

Byram is Friday. Two days. There’s the RR first, and I’ll get that set up as soon as the pods are set. There’s only 8 LDers, so it’s easy enough, except that one of the judges is blocked a bit more than others. Of course, that means I’ll hand place him first, so that takes care of him! The rest look good to go. 3 rounds ought to mean that there won’t be too much problem running out of cleanliness.

Then there’s the invitational. I’ll tell people shortly how we’re doing prefs. I think I mentioned it before: 30% (or more), 30%, 30% and 10%, where the 10% is not a strike but a promised bloody unlikely. There is a point where MJP may not make sense, but even in a small event, for varsity folk it beats randomness. In terms of experience, the judges look fairly identical to me, but I'm sure the field looks at it differently. Then again, last year, in a similar situation, not all of them preffed. At least one coach was perfectly happy with them taking their chances. I like that. And it makes tabbing easier. Meanwhile, no strikes in PF. There are just not enough people in the pool.

I still haven’t heard the physical details of the Middle School, but I have a feeling that registration is going to be a marginal fustercluck. We may not be able to get in before 3:00. Not much time, and a great need to start things ASAP. We’ll see. It may make sense to have folks register online and pay later. I’ll meditate on that. (Even as I type it I’m meditating on it. It makes sense. The tournament is small enough. And there is a function in tabroom to make it so.)

While hurricanes and lightning seem to be bearing down everywhere else, the northeast promises to be nice for the weekend. We’ll get ours, soon enough, no doubt. Meanwhile, I’m starting to think about my WDW plans for the end of the month. As Apocalypse follows Apocalypse, I’m starting to get worried. But we’ll see. There’s still a couple of weeks for things to sort themselves out, and certainly my concerns are the proverbial hill of beans compared against the actual reality of what many people have been going through. Oh, well.  


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