Monday, November 05, 2012

Debate: Bump update (not exactly a blog post, but electricity is tight around here)

I am waiting for final confirmation, but as far as I am aware, unless there is yet another storm, in which case I am quitting debate and taking up 43-Man Squamish, we will hold the Bump Tournament at Hen Hud. We have lost a few schools, of course, but we’re still filling the place up. We’ve stretched the per-school limits a bit, but not terribly much. It looks to still be a strong tournament.

Registration still closes tonight at 9:00 and fees are set. However, you will be able to make adjustments to your entry online through Wednesday night, provided I’ve clicked all the right buttons. If this is problematic for you, please let me know.

Again, the new schedule is as follows:
Registration 2:30 – 3:00 Friday afternoon. Do not arrive at the school before that time, please.
Two rounds of debate, ending around 7:00. There is no dinner or housing on Friday night, and registration fees have been reduced accordingly.
Saturday, round 3 starts at 9:00. We will hold a total of 5 prelim rounds in the Varsity divisions breaking to octos (given the present numbers) and as many general rounds as we can in the Novice divisions. Lunch is served on Saturday.

For those coming up from Grand Central, it’s a 10-15 minute walk from the Cortlandt station. On Friday there is the 1:50 arriving at 2:41, and on Saturday there is the 7:50 arriving at 8:40. (Please double-check on the day of, and keep in mind that any other station other than Cortlandt is going to cause you an immense amount of grief.) These will work fine, and allow your debaters a much needed stretching of their forensic little legs. There are also cabs available for those who require them.

There are no further judges for hire, so please do not ask because they will not suddenly be falling out of the trees because, alas, there are no more trees in our area.

Because the number of schools is smaller than usual, we have abandoned MJP. Also, there may be fluidity between the pools of LD and PF (when the tab rooms know that a judge can handle both). If on Friday the tab room feels that they can offer strikes in VLD, they will proceed accordingly.

We thank everybody who has stuck with us through all of this. Just so you know, next year we’re planning to be struck by an asteroid; we’d hate to have to hold a boring old regular tournament for a change.

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